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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More

Reporting Equals Real-Time Success

In times of uncertainty, it is vital for leaders to keep a constant pulse on their business, employees and clients. Given the changes that many hospice organizations are currently experiencing because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), close monitoring is even more crucial. What may have been routine business practice for months or years has been completely upended due to the spread of the virus.

In the past, you may have walked down the hall to get an update on staffing ratios, been able to check a whiteboard, or walk into a meeting room to monitor your priorities and the health of your operations. Now, things may look different as the virus spreads while cities, states and the nation make constant policy changes that impact your organization’s processes and bottom line.

Technology Can Do the Work for You

How do you keep up with the health of your business (and ultimately your team, your clients and families) during trying times? One of the best ways is using technology and processes that enable as much remote monitoring and collaboration as possible. While hospice specifically, and healthcare in general, is a very high-touch, highly personal contact experience, leading and managing should be possible regardless of the level of uncertainty in your operations.

Your hospice software should give you the ability to lead, track and make changes on a real-time basis. For instance, does your software allow you to instantly see all overnight changes in your census, and other key performance indicators without running multiple reports? The ability to access interactive dashboards that both display information and allow one-click access into more detailed reports for real-time decision-making and management insights is imperative. They should be seamlessly integrated into your software solution.

Healthcare Software Technology Makes Business Easy

By using technology that seamlessly integrates policy changes and their impacts on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), teams can be led regardless of whether they are down the hall or operating remotely. Some of those KPIs could include overnight census changes, on-call statistics, recertifications due, claims ready for billing, HIS statuses and other priorities based on your specific state of operation or focus of service.

Technology should be an extension of your operations and a partner to make you successful. As a leader, your technology partner is your “easy button” for ensuring that you have visibility into all KPIs necessary to make your service and your business successful. If your available reports do not meet your needs for the way you want to lead your business, it may be time to search for a new partner.

Axxess provides valuable real-time reporting, both through an easy-to-use Report Center and through intuitive dashboards focused on each leader’s role in the organization. If reports are cumbersome or difficult to find or use, your technology can become a challenge instead of a support. At Axxess, we believe in empowering healthcare providers and professionals with the world’s best technology solutions, and reports are one of the many ways we accomplish that.


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