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Custom Service Documentation Is a Paradigm Shift in Supporting Care

There has always been a challenge when attempting to document goal-based services in the home due to the complexities of different service lines, unique payer type requirements, individualized client needs and lack of detailed reporting capabilities. When exploring goal-based care, agencies might ask themselves:

  • How can I create customized goals for each client?
  • How can I establish custom scoring systems?
  • How can I document additional activities that have been performed?
  • How can I track and trend care delivery and goal-based performance?

Axxess Home Care’s new custom service documentation solution solves these challenges of providing goal-based care in the home.

Customize Goals for Each Client

Custom service documentation enables users to create custom goals based on individual client needs. Whether judging the effectiveness of equine or music therapy, evaluating success in social situations, or assessing how your client is living in their community, Axxess Home Care’s newest feature enables agencies to track and measure clients’ specific and unique goals.

Set Up Custom Scoring Systems

Because agencies have a variety of business lines and clients, the service documentation scoring lists can be completely customized to maintain the best possible scoring system for each client’s goals. The Yes/No scoring list enables caregivers to document goals where a Yes or No response most accurately records care (i.e, “Did the client verbally greet caregiver upon arrival?”). The secondary response feature enables caregivers to document any additional information related to the Yes/No responses.

Record Additional Activities

Agencies may want to record activities that aren’t tied to goals and scoring, such as making the bed, taking out the trash or cleaning the dishes. For these activities, agencies can use service plan lists. The service plan lists enable users to create customized service activities for caregivers, and choose whether list items are single-select or multi-select.

Track the Care Provided and Goal-Based Performance

Being able to document a wide range of goal-based services is great, but to truly change how care is evaluated, agencies must be able to track and trend outcomes based on client goals. Service documentation reports provide a window into the client’s goal progress over a selected time period. Analyzing this data facilitates improved client outcomes and higher quality care.

Providing quality goal-based services is an enormous advantage to agencies’ clinical and operational performance. Goal-based service tracking is just one way that Axxess Home Care helps you streamline operations and improve client outcomes. To find additional information on custom service documentation, visit our online Help Center.

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