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Achieving Long-Term Home Care Success: Identifying the Variables

Home care organizations are comprised of two very different, integral teams: clinicians responsible for all aspects of client care and administrators who handle activities related to business operations.

Clinical quality is when the clinical team operates at a high level and delivers care that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations. Home care organizations achieve operational excellence through efficient and profitable business practices.

A successful marriage between these teams is key to sustained success.

Clinical and Operational Relationship

What does a successful marriage between clinical and operations look like?

Is it a scale where both sides have weight and are constantly teetering back and forth, only achieving a state of balance when passing each other?

  • This can work from time to time but as the balance shifts, there is a sense that one team is rising above the other team.

Is it a push and pull, each side with different priorities pushing on opposite ends of a seesaw?

  • In this scenario, the teams may be working against each other, essentially expending time and energy counteracting their team members.

Or is it an equation, where the separate independent variables add up to a result: clinical quality plus operational excellence equals success?

  • This can have some short-term gain, but the equation needs to include an additional element of collaboration for an organization to achieve sustainable success.

Separate Focus, Shared Vision

I believe that a successful clinical and operational marriage is like a pair of glasses. One lens is clinical and the other is operational. Each lens has a separate focus but only when these items are connected and working together can you achieve the shared and continuous vison of organizational success.

Upcoming installments will explore how the concept of separate focus with shared vision can marry clinical and operational teams for lasting success in the home care industry. Axxess Home Care, our innovative home care software, provides the tools necessary for your organization to succeed.


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