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Research shows that a majority of seniors want to remain in the familiarity and comfort of their home as they age. To help make this happen, it’s important to have a network of reliable community services available. One organization that … Keep Reading
Many physicians face a conundrum. While their extensive years of training emphasize providing care, treatments, and intervention in order to maintain life, the truth is, death is inevitable and a reality we all must face. According to Dr. Timothy Ihrig, … Keep Reading
There are two things that all humans have in common. Someone we love will die and someday we will die. Although death is an experience that we all share, it is a topic that is largely taboo, and for which … Keep Reading
As those in the home healthcare industry know, the elder population is growing exponentially, and so too is their need for care. One of the more innovative programs available to help seniors age in place has actually been around for … Keep Reading
According to Betty Greaver, RN, LMT, it’s a common myth that aging means a person gains weight, has chronic pain and can’t continue living a productive life. Rather, Greaver says, and research shows, there are simple lifestyle changes that people … Keep Reading
It’s an ongoing struggle for those in the home care industry – how to better communicate the value and benefits of healthcare at home. For Tim Rogers, who serves as President and CEO for both the Association for Home & … Keep Reading
For many in the hospice industry, caring for people at the end of life is a calling. Tarrah Lowry, president and CEO of Sangre de Cristo Hospice and Palliative Care in Pueblo, Colorado, began working in hospice care by a … Keep Reading
With more than 28 years of healthcare at home experience, Jamie Summerfelt, M.Ed, MSPT, president and CEO of Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) in Omaha, Nebraska, is passionate about home care. He began his career in home health as a physical … Keep Reading
If there is one thing Joel Theisen, BSN, RN is passionate about, it’s developing proactive, preventative long-term care for older adults. Theisen is chief executive officer and founder of Lifesprk, an innovative home care company based in Minnesota that is … Keep Reading
With more than 20 years of experience in the home care industry, Wanda Coley, has combined her deep knowledge of finance, business development, payer contracting and post-acute strategies to become a highly-regarded expert. As president and chief operating officer of Well Care … Keep Reading
Geriatric care managers provide a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for individuals, the families and professionals who help coordinate and provide care. For those working with seniors who desire to stay in their own home as they age, a care manager can provide guidance, planning and oversight of … Keep Reading
Every day companies and organizations generate copious amounts of data. “Big data” isn’t so much about the amount of data generated, but rather, what a company or organization does with the data. In analyzing data, businesses can use those insights to save … Keep Reading

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