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How the Axxess Training and Certification Program Supports Clinicians Everywhere

As a registered nurse with more than seven years of experience in hospice, I understand how life on the front line of healthcare is incredibly challenging and rewarding. It might be more difficult now than ever due to the fluctuating regulations and complexities of healthcare in the home. Along with caring for patients, clinicians need to stay on top of continuing education units (CEUs), become more efficient at using their technology system and stay on top of the ever-changing industry.

The Axxess Training and Certification Program was made with clinicians in mind to help elevate them to the top of their license. The program offers key benefits to clinicians in the care at home industry and meets them where they are.

Industry-Leading Training

Axxess Founder and CEO John Olajide is passionate about equipping clinicians everywhere with the absolute best training available. The Axxess Training and Certification Program will equip these healthcare professionals with education designed to teach mastery of the Axxess solution while training on the latest industry changes in easy-to-digest segments.

Designed for the hardworking clinician in mind, these education modules can be completed in 20 minutes or less during times that fit within a busy schedule. The training gives clear course objectives that will arm clinicians with knowledge of the latest industry changes that directly apply to their daily work. These tracks will also leave them feeling more confident in using Axxess, which in turn will help with faster documentation and more time to concentrate on patient care.

Professional Development and CEUs

Completing the modules in the Axxess Training and Certification Program is an impressive achievement. As with other professional certifications, it shows a true dedication to bettering oneself as a specialized clinician. These accomplishments can be shared on social media and professional platforms as a testament to the hours spent on the program. This can also be leveraged with employers while discussing professional development at evaluations, as well as elevating oneself as a dedicated healthcare provider that future employers would take note of and admire.

Axxess is also proud to offer CEUs to clinicians completing these modules at no cost.

Capitalizing on LinkedIn Networks

Clinicians may not realize the benefits of creating and maintaining a LinkedIn profile. A clinical career can greatly benefit from LinkedIn, and creating a solid profile is a great place to start building a healthcare network and showcasing certifications and accomplishments.

Those who complete courses in the Axxess Training and Certification Program are issued digital badges from Credly that can be added to a LinkedIn profile for colleagues and potential employers to see. Each badge earned can be found under the “Licenses & Certifications” section on individual LinkedIn profiles, highlighting dedication for professional growth. As a clinician develops their career, they may decide to transition to a management role or expand their responsibilities. Axxess Training and Certification badges on LinkedIn will elevate a clinician’s online professional presence to catch the attention of recruiters and upper management.

The Axxess Training and Certification program is available at no cost. Visit the Axxess website to create an account and get access to home health and hospice continuing education and training courses.


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