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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Learn More

I founded Axxess in 2007 because I believe deeply that the future of healthcare is in the home and that care in the home is the key to increasing access to quality healthcare for people across world. I believe this with my whole heart. Our goal at Axxess is to make... Keep Reading
Author: CareAcademy
Home care administrators are in the unique position of needing to hold both a micro and a macro perspective to succeed in a challenging role. Administrators must successfully balance supporting direct care workers with processes and care concerns, while also considering the health of the organization itself. This list of strategies... Keep Reading
Most clinicians have a conceptual idea of what palliative care is and where it fits in the spectrum of healthcare. Often it is thought of as pre-hospice care to transition individuals with a serious illness from active, curative treatment to end-of-life care. While this is true, palliative care should also... Keep Reading
Home health organizations are facing reimbursement cuts, and hospice organizations are seeing increased reports of fraud and abuse in the industry. National and state industry associations are working directly with Congress to address these issues and promote compliant care. However, advocacy isn’t just for associations and lobbyists. Deborah Hoyt, Axxess’ Senior Vice... Keep Reading
In an environment of increasing scrutiny, it is important for hospice organizations to be prepared for surveys from their accrediting body. In the Fiscal Year 2023 Hospice Payment Rate Update, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) included key provisions focusing on hospice surveys and provider penalties related to those... Keep Reading
In an often-disjointed healthcare system, care coordination is an important goal for home-based care providers. Technology partners can help them achieve this by eliminating manual tasks and ensuring smoother delivery of care. In addition to previously integrated home health and hospice service lines, Forcura’s direct integration with Axxess is now available... Keep Reading
Clinical managers in the care at home industry are facing challenges around heightened regulatory scrutiny and staffing. Many are trying to manage scaling their business, integrating new teams and navigating mergers and acquisitions. Axxess Vice President of Professional Services Ryan Klaustermeier shared his insights on how technology can help clinical... Keep Reading
Service diversification is a growing trend in the hospice industry, and many cite value-based care as one of the drivers. It's opened the door to partnerships among health systems, payers and post-acute care providers to provide care to those with serious illnesses or terminal prognoses while managing cost and quality.... Keep Reading
A paper published by the National Academy of Medicine noted that health equity is the next major quality issue in U.S. healthcare – and this shift is not going unnoticed throughout the industry. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is promoting health equity in its work through the... Keep Reading
Leadership is not just a job title. Care at home organizations have many leaders throughout the care teams and departments. Even those without a traditional leadership job title must demonstrate leadership in their work, from guiding patients in their care to completing their tasks efficiently and accurately. Learning about leadership styles... Keep Reading
Although payments from home health value-based purchasing (HHVBP) won’t be remitted until 2025, the outcomes that will determine those payments are already happening in 2023. This is the first performance year with data used to determine HHVBP payments organizations will receive. This will have a significant impact on an organization’s finances,... Keep Reading
The Norton Pressure Ulcer Risk-Assessment Scale is a tool designed to help clinicians evaluate patients’ risk of developing pressure injuries. Nurse Doreen Norton developed the scale in 1962 and it has been widely used since its creation. Today, it is one of the three most-used tools and is comparable in... Keep Reading

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