Daily Claims Activity Reporting

Daily real-time claims status reports highlighting problem areas that need to be immediately fixed.

Automated Receivables Reports

Real-time reports to show you daily Medicare Payments and future payments for accurate forecasting and planning.

Claims Management

Manage all your claims from one simple, intuitive and powerful dashboard with ease.

Claim Count Summary

Real-time and cloud-based access to your claims count summary from anywhere at anytime for automated claims processing.

Type of Bill Summary

Detailed breakdown of all your processing claims and their status for trending, analysis, forecasting and projections.


Eligibility Dashboard

Complete overview of coverage information for all patients including Medicare, MSP, HMO, Hospice or overlapping provider.

Automated Eligibility Checks

Real time individual or batch Medicare Eligibility verification reports flagging problem areas.

Daily Payment Alerts

Receive alerts from anywhere on daily and future payments on any device of your choice.

Insurance Coverage Tracking

Avoid the financial risk associated with coverage changes from Medicare to HMOs or HMO to HMO or other insurance plans.

Admissions Alert

Determine accurate insurance coverage or other overlapping provider episodes that can affect reimbursement on admission.


Cloud-based Access

Our cloud-based access empowers you to work from anywhere at anytime and effectively oversee your claims processing.

Real Time Reporting Dashboards

Easy to use, powerful dashboards give you an accurate view of all your claims activities for accurate forecasting and planning.

Real Time Claims Analysis

Access real-time claims status reports to view claims at risk for non-payment, cancellation, T-Status, suspense or eligibility.

Automated Claims Corrections

One-click claims review and recovery for fast claims correction to ensure optimal and faster reimbursements. No manual steps.

Historical Dashboards

Real-time access to payment history for 18 months and current claim status to view payment trends for analysis.


Reason Code Summary

Detailed and search friendly summary explanation of all reason codes to eliminate any guess work.

Unlimited Users

Single to unlimited users can be granted access to manage claims and accelerate your reimbursements.

Nothing to Install

Cloud-based access means there is nothing to install and you can log in from anywhere anytime on any device of your choice.

Administrator Dashboard

Securely manage multiple NPIs, locations or users from the administrator dashboard.

Unlimited Upgrades

Software upgrades and updates included with your monthly subscription. No additional fees for upgrades or updates.


Flexible Accounts

Our customized and cost effective solutions are designed for the needs of single or multi-site organizations.

Multiple NPI

Real-time and one-click access to manage multiple NPIs and drill down or roll up information as needed.

Secure and Protected Medicare Access

Secure and encrypted storage of DDE/FISS passwords. They remain protected confidentially and never revealed to anyone.

Integrated Claims Education

Reason codes for all claims status are automatically provided to ease claims processing and automation