AxxessMD Physician Portal

AxxessMD® physician portal enables home health agencies and physicians to communicate and collaborate effectively to deliver quality care to their patients and grow their businesses at the same time. The easy and convenient web-based access provides all stakeholders with real-time information to deliver superior care to patients.

The AxxessMD® portal offers a distinct marketing advantage that helps home health agencies increase and diversify their referral sources and introduces productivity gains that translates to increased revenue for physicians and the agencies. Axxess Clients who are successful marketers of home health care services know that the AxxessMD® Physicians Portal differentiates their agency from competing agencies!





  • Secure, user-friendly and convenient access to review patient electronic medical records.
  • Secure and convenient web based access for physicians to interact with multiple home health agencies. Nothing to install or download.
  • Increased revenue for physicians as they can track patient certifications and Care Plan Oversight (CPO) more effectively.
  • Improved patient supervision with easy web based access to medical records.
  • AxxessMD® physician portal is free for physicians!
  • Easy and streamlined communication with multiple agencies hassle-free.
  • Easy and HIPAA compliant documentation of CPOs and physician face-to-face encounters
  • Improved communication and collaboration with all members of the multi-disciplinary care team.


  • Secure, user-friendly and convenient access to review patient electronic medical records.
  • Increased revenue as claims can be submitted faster with physician signatures and authorization
  • Decrease cost by eliminating the need to fax and send paper documents via mail
  • Increase productivity as the physician orders and care plans are automatically tracked. Eliminate faxes, phone calls and unnecessary onsite visits to physician offices.
  • Streamlined communication and collaboration with physicians
  • Improve compliance with faster turnaround time for signatures on physician orders and care plans
  • HIPAA- compliant messaging between your home health agency and any physician nationwide.
  • Proven marketing advantage that sets your home health agency apart from the crowd.
  • Receive electronic referrals from physicians automatically
  • No additional cost. AxxessMD® physician portal is included in your monthly subscription.
  • Secure and convenient web based anywhere, anytime access.

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