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An introductory course in Home Health Agency administration in Texas.

This course has been designed for administrators and alternate administrators designated to their respective positions for the first time on or after December 1, 2006.

  • Meets 40 TAC 97.259(c)
  • For first time Administrators or Alternate Administrators.
  • To be taken within 12 months prior to appointment to position as Administrator
  • Part of the initial 24 hr. in 40 TAC 97.259(b)
  • Approved for Licensed Home Health, Licensed and Certified Home Health, and Personal Assistance Services (PAS)

Price: $ 199.00
An overview of Medicare Home Health Billing.

Without a thorough understanding of medicare reimbursement, Home Health agencies are at a serious disadvantage. The medicare reimbursement world is constantly changing, and Home Health Agencies need to learn various tactics and strategies that will help avoid unnecessary delays and rejections during claims processing. The lack of knowledge and training has been cited as the primary reason why Home Health agencies have billing challenges. This course will provide a fundamental introduction to Medicare Home Health Billing. We will provide an overview of Medicare PPS reimbursement and explain commonly misunderstood concepts and terminology.
Price: $ 299.00
An overview of Medicare Home Health Billing.

This course completes the overview of the Medicare billing for home health agencies. You will learn about billing Medicare for non-routine supplies and how the use of therapy affects reimbursement rates. The course will provide an overview of the timelines for processing claims and the various types of episodes under Medicare PPS rules. An introduction to Medicare Advantage Plans is included in this course. ADRs (additional development requests) will be explained and participants will learn the importance of efficient billing processes and how this affects the cash flow of Home Health Agencies.
Price: $ 299.00
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