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Patient data is now regularly accessed during surgeries to help physicians make decisions, but doing so either requires leaving the sterile environment or having an assistant pushing buttons on the computer on the doc’s behalf. There have been a number of systems developed that track hand motion to allow touch-free... Keep Reading
Human Resource Director Melody Lenox of Axxess was profiled in yesterday’s issue of the Dallas Morning News. The article, entitled ‘The Five: Tips on hiring a diverse staff,’ is part of a weekly series where Dallas-area business executives are interviewed and asked five questions. This piece focuses on diversity in... Keep Reading
Recognize importance of patient care in the home Every November, across the U.S., the home health community recognizes National Home Care & Hospice Month to honor its professionals who make a positive difference in the lives of patients and their families. These skilled nurses, caregivers, aides, therapists and social workers are... Keep Reading
Home care and hospice organizations have been facing steady rate cuts and higher labor costs, even as patients become more chronically ill and prefer to receive care in their home. This is a reflection of the broader U.S. health system which makes current methods of delivering care and the associated... Keep Reading
GPS-based electronic visit verification products such as Axxess and Celltrack help ensure caretakers actually visit patients' homes. Now that more sick and disabled Americans live at home, payers and operators of residential healthcare providers are increasingly turning to technology to reduce fraud and ensure patients receive the care they need. Nationwide, medical... Keep Reading
Author: Ruthann Baker, Axxess
Axxess committed to industry excellence through support and technology solutions DALLAS (Nov. 5, 2014) –Axxess, an industry leader in home health management software, proudly announces its sponsorship of the New England Home Healthcare Consortium’s (NEHHC’s) “2014 Annual Meeting – Edge Ahead” being held November 9-11 in Uncasville, Connecticut. NEHHC is New... Keep Reading
Google X scientists hope to create a pill laden with nanoparticles to non-invasively identify diseases like cancer. Google's research group, Google X, is developing a pill containing magnetic nanoparticles that detect disease, and a wearable device to read the nanoparticles' findings. Andrew Conrad, who runs the life sciences team at Google X,... Keep Reading
Author: CMS
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today announced changes to the Medicare home health prospective payment system (HH PPS) for calendar year (CY) 2015 that will foster greater efficiency, flexibility, payment accuracy, and improved quality. Approximately 3.5 million beneficiaries received home health services from nearly 12,000 home health... Keep Reading
Nationwide, health care reform is a relevant topic. Health care affects humanity, communities, businesses, the economy and politics. More than ever, the discussion of health care reform is a hot button issue in Texas, where healthcare accounts for 13 percent of the state’s total economy. That topic was the focal point... Keep Reading
A new study in Nature Neuroscience finds that high doses of flavanols – compounds isolated from cocoa – may reverse the normal memory loss that comes with age. The researchers created a drink with very high flavanol content for the study’s participants who ranged from 50 to 69 years old and didn’t suffer from... Keep Reading

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