Our web-based, fully-integrated software is the complete home health software solution. Focus on patient care not paperwork.

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Our mobile app is a user-friendly, point-of-care solution, putting patient care in the palm of your hands.

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Our Physician Portal empowers physicians and agencies to communicate and collaborate for excellent patient care.

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About Us


Axxess Technology was established by Axxess Healthcare Consult to fill the gap in the Home Health industry for quality software. Over the years, clients of Axxess Healthcare Consult have expressed the desire for a home health care software that is user friendly, automates their operations, comprehensive, meets their needs and affordable. To meet this demand for technology solutions tailored to meet their needs, Axxess Technology assembled a team of technology experts, industry experts and end-users from the home health industry to create world-class home care software.

Management, software development, and technical support for Axxess Technology Solutions Inc. are headquartered in Dallas, Texas

Our Mission

The mission of Axxess Technology Solutions Inc. is to provide quality technology solutions to the health care industry in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of technology solutions to the health care industry.


Our philosophy is to focus on our customers at all times. To achieve this, we strive to create an environment where our employees are encouraged to be innovative and collaborate to create products and offer services that exceed our customers' expectations.


Our philosophy requires everyone in the company to abide by guiding principles that include integrity, compliance, value creation, principled entrepreneurship, customer focus, knowledge, change, humility, respect and fulfillment. These attributes set the standards for evaluating policies, practices and conduct, establishing norms of behavior and building shared values that guide individual actions.


9535 Forest Lane, Suite 235
Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: 214-575-7711
Toll Free: 1-877-480-9140

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AXXESS Agencycore

software is powerful and easy to use. It is the complete home health software solution. What are you waiting for?