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Get Ready for OASIS-D with Axxess: New Items and Modifications


OASIS-D will introduce new requirements to the home health industry beginning January 1, 2019. Understanding the new items and modifications is essential for industry professionals to ensure accurate, high-quality data collection. Read part one of our four-part blog series on OASIS-D to understand the underlying regulations and comprehensively prepare your organization for a successful transition.

Changes from OASIS-C2 to OASIS-D include the addition of new items, revision and removal of items, different time points for certain items, and updated skip patterns. Exhaustive information on the OASIS-D changes can be accessed in the OASIS-D Guidance Manual provided by CMS. The tables below outline these changes for quick and easy reference:

Removed Items

A total of 28 items were removed from OASIS-C2 to OASIS-D.

Modified Items

Changes from OASIS-C2 to OASIS-D include seven item response changes, eight skip pattern changes, and 39 item instructions changes.

New Items

A total of six new items were added to OASIS-D

A thorough assessment and accurate OASIS completion are essential to deliver high-quality, valuable home healthcare services and achieve optimal outcomes. Stay tuned for upcoming blog installments in this four-part OASIS-D series for easy-to-follow OASIS-D assessment instructions, workable staff education and resources, and consultative best practices to systematically prepare your organization for a successful transition to OASIS-D.

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