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Falls can cause much more than broken bones and bruises. They can cause hospital stays, a loss of independence, or even death. Not all falls cause a serious injury, but one out of five falls does. These types of injuries … Keep Reading
In the healthcare industry, communication is vitally important, not only in providing specifics about a patient’s condition, but also in detailing the type of care needed after a stay in the hospital. Dr. Christine D. Jones is an Assistant Professor … Keep Reading
“Rule #10: Swim upstream. Go the other way. Ignore the conventional wisdom. If everybody is doing it one way, there’s a good chance you can find your niche by going exactly in the opposite direction.” One of the things I … Keep Reading
With an aging America and home healthcare moving inevitably toward more value-based care, industry leaders are emphasizing the need for home health agencies to streamline operations and revenue cycle management processes to ensure scalability and long-term success. Managing claims and … Keep Reading
Axxess provides educational resources for the home health industry to learn and grow anywhere, anytime through on-demand videos and webinar series taught by our industry experts and partners. In addition to our on-demand content, Axxess hosts lunch-and-learn events across the country, where you can learn more about industry … Keep Reading

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