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Engineering and Entrepreneurship Go Hand-in-Hand

Many of the conveniences we enjoy today are the result of an engineer’s ability to imagine life differently and develop new, innovative solutions. Engineers are dreamers, innovators, researchers, problem solvers, inventors and creators.

Engineers solve global problems such as world hunger, clean water, environmental protection and improvements to healthcare. They improve systems that have been in place for years, making life more efficient, and provide surgeons with robotics for precise, less-invasive procedures so that patients have fewer infections and shorter recovery time. Many develop software to simplify paper-driven business processes, allowing professionals to streamline process on mobile devices. It is clear, that the broad realm of engineering significantly contributes to improved quality of life worldwide.

It is very fitting that this week we celebrate both National Engineers Week and National Entrepreneurship Week, especially at Axxess where both are central to all we do. Our CEO, John Olajide, received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Dallas, and his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for improving healthcare technology are why he founded Axxess. His vision for Axxess, the fastest growing home health technology company in North America, has empowered home health agencies with state-of-the-art technology and strengthened Axxess’ commitment to innovation and improving the world.

Our unique culture encourages all employees to always be innovative, think outside the box and act like entrepreneurs. Innovation and collaboration align when our teams work together to develop the best industry solutions and clearly communicate with clients and industry leaders.

Diversity is also key at Axxess. With more than 33 countries represented and an even split of men and women of all ages, our people bring knowledge and life experiences that provide unique insight to complex and varied challenges.  This allows our team to collaborate and develop solutions that enable us to make a contribution to improving healthcare, especially in the home.

If an engineering career at Axxess interests you and you are interested in learning more information, please visit our careers page.

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