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Axxess Launches AxxessCARE Pilot Program To ‘Uberize’ Home Healthcare

Author: Axxess

To help solve critical staffing shortages in home healthcare, Axxess, the fastest growing home health technology company, is creating an innovative new solution called AxxessCARE to ‘Uberize’ the process of connecting home health agencies with qualified clinicians to provide care to patients anywhere and at any time.

AxxessCARE is seamlessly integrated with AgencyCore, Axxess’ secure, HIPAA compliant software platform, allowing agencies to conveniently post visits for qualified professionals.

“We’re confident AxxessCARE is going to revolutionize the delivery of home healthcare in the same way Uber has transformed the transportation industry,” said John Olajide, president and chief executive officer of Axxess. “Agencies consistently identify staffing among their major challenges.

Through AxxessCARE they will be able to extend their staffing capabilities with access to qualified clinicians to meet patient needs. At the same time, clinicians will enjoy a more convenient way to work.”

Axxess is testing AxxessCARE in a pilot program with agencies and clinicians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area over the next few months, fine-tuning the platform and process before introducing it to the entire industry.

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