Axxess Creates Entertaining Short Film To Promote Home Care

Care in the home is the most preferred, comfortable and economical way for people to receive quality care to heal or maintain healthy lifestyles in the most familiar environment. When people are at home, they’re in control and have freedom to take care of themselves that empowers a dignity not found by other care options. But even with advances in technology that enable high quality care with more convenience for patients, the opportunity to be cared for in the home is still not well known by many people.

To help the general public get a new perspective on the advantages our industry provides, Axxess has created the first in a series of entertaining short films that will feature various aspects of home health, home care and hospice. The first short, Fresh Air, is a 10-minute drama about the relationship between a caregiver and her client and how their interaction helps her restore a rocky relationship with her dad.

Fresh Air and more short films will be part of a broader campaign Axxess will be pursing in 2018 to advance messages around the value of care in the home. Axxess will be leading an effort to improve awareness about what our industry is and what it has to offer. Among topics expected to be addressed are when home care is appropriate, how a person qualifies for home care, the various types of home care, key issues for family caregivers, comparing home care with hospital care, and many more.

Stay tuned for more updates on this important initiative. In the meantime, enjoy Fresh Air! We encourage everyone to share the film with friends and family, and help spread the word through social media and other channels so more people will gain an understanding of this important care option and all it has to offer.

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