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The Champions Program is part of our overall vision to help improve the national quality of care delivered to home health care patients. Axxess Champions are our Evangelista’s for the industry! They spread the word about Axxess by being official representatives of the company in their markets of influence.

Axxess = Everywhere! Axxess Champions are individuals who are deeply involved in their communities’ Home Healthcare industry. Champions not only have deep experience in the industry, they are leaders. They are able to guide agencies in choosing the best software possible to run their business, helping everyone succeed.

Our champions program promotes quality performance by home health care professionals. It provides a mechanism to establish credentials, acknowledge experience, promote education, support career development and develop a body of knowledge for home health care professionals around the industry leading Agencycore home health software platform. Our champions program promotes competence and validates the skills you use everyday. Using the industry leading technology platform, you are able to improve your problem-solving skills and your performance on the job. Go ahead. Strive for the rewards, respect, and recognition you deserve and make money while doing so! Become an Axxess Certified Champion!

Champions recognize a great opportunity to grow and benefit personally and professional, and HAVE FUN doing so. Becoming a Champion demonstrates your leadership in your marketplace. It represents achievement of the gold standard of knowledge for the operation of a home healthcare organization. It signifies that you have attained a defined level of education, experience and training.

Champions exhibit an expertise in using Axxess’ AgencyCore home health software platform to help home health organizations succeed. It validates your proven experience and knowledge in using Axxess products and solutions. Certified individuals may use the initials ACHA, ACHP or ACSE depending on their level of certification. ACHA, ACHPH or ACSE are trademarked of Axxess. It is strictly limited to those who successfully complete the application. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

  1. Competence and experience in the use of Axxess’ Agencycore home health software. We are seeking Super Users of our Agencycore Software platform
  2. Possess at least a Bachelor’s degree with Minimum 5 years of industry (clinical, administrative, billing, etc) experience or 10 years industry experience in lieu of a college degree.
  3. Compliance-minded individual with strong desire to keep learning.
  4. Self-starter who likes to have fun.
  5. Strong communication and presentation skills, with a good sense of humor.
  6. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to develop strong working relationships. A team player.
  7. Desire and ability to work effectively in an entrepreneurial and dynamic environment.
  8. Proven leadership skills and the ability to work independently.
  9. Prior sales experience is a plus.
  10. A passion for Axxess.

How the Champions Program Works

The Champions Program has several requirements an individual must meet in order to be considered. These are:

  1. BS Degree, 10+ years in Home Health Care
  2. At least 5 years in long term post acute care industry
  3. 3+ years of running a home health agency or a related industry
  4. Expert knowledge of Industry rules and regulations
  5. Ability to represent Axxess at industry events
  6. Proven list of contacts with HHAs
  7. Ability to live-demo Axxess Software
  8. Exclusive to Axxess

All candidates must complete the on-line questionnaire. Applications will be accepted from candidates in the US only (at this time) How to Apply Click on the Let’s Talk button and complete the questionnaire. After the initial screening, you will be sent a secure link to complete the application process. Additional interviews and screening will be performed with suitable applicants.

How to Apply

Enrollment for this breakthrough learning and income producing community is by Application only. The Champions are a “Professional Society” and is being instituted by Axxess for Super Users of the Agencycore® home health software platform.

Contact us today to apply for the program

  1. Contact us to express interest in the program.
  2. After the initial screening, you will be sent a secure link to complete an application to join the program.
  3. Additional interviews and screening is performed to determine suitable applicants.

Benefits of Joining

  • Earn extra income by referring organizations that can benefit from Axxess products
  • Gain the recognition you deserve
  • Make a difference in the Home Health Community
  • Be a part of the fastest growing Home Health Software Company in the US
  • Receive specialized training on Axxess Products and Services
  • Get listed in the National Directory of Axxess Champions
  • Hot link your website to Axxess Champions page

Becoming an Axxess Champion validates your proven experience and knowledge in using Axxess products and solutions. It helps you earn extra income while improving the quality of care delivered to patients nationwide.

Designed to be relevant in today's rapidly changing home health care industry, the Axxess Champions program helps you utilize industry leading technologies, fine-tune your professional skills, and improve your job satisfaction.

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